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Video Production

Best of Drop Ins With "Dr" Awesome

"Dr" Awesome is an honorary title given to me by the current Chair of Communication Studies at Longwood University. At the time I hadn't even finished my undergraduate degree. (I was a slow starter when it comes to my academic success, something I am happy to speak to, but this probably isn't the place for that...)

Drop ins with "Dr" Awesome started as a more traditional "Instructional Video" Series and over time became a little more "vlog" oriented as I found my own voice within the COMM Studies Program. 

Videos ranged from basic how-to videos to a few that were definitely leaned a little more into "tough love". 

Though no longer actively in production, as I am no longer with COMM, the content is still very much used as referential material within the program.

Best of Tutorial Tuesday

Tutorial Tuesday was a series of short instructional videos that was an off-shoot of Drop Ins With "Dr" Awesome as a sort of "quick tips" guide for both our Digital Media students and the internet at large.

Just for Fun

Video production is something that I honestly kind of fell into...


When I started working in AV and production, I was planning to primarily draw on my knowledge of technical theatre to effectively support speakers, concerts, and touring performance events.


While this was certainly the case, I wound up jumping, unrealizing, into a whole new area of production as well.

Immediately after starting with Longwood's AV and Production Services Department, the campus videographer moved on to another opportunity and it was up to two musicians and a theatre major to figure out how to fill that need. 


Fortunately, I grew up with a Wedding and Portrait Photographer as a mother. I had very little video experience at the time, but I knew just enough about cameras to get us going and, within a few months, we were not only recording events on campus but also operating a production studio for both recording and live streaming. 


Eventually, I found my way to COMM Studies which is where the bulk of my work really comes from. 


I readily admit that most of my personal work comes down to stylized instructional videos, but they're instructional videos that have reached far beyond Longwood's campus and I'll take the win on that one.

Sometimes, you get to work on fun projects. Whether it's just departmental communication or pitching an idea for an add campaign, my favorite thing about video production has always been the opportunities it presents for creativity.


One of the most difficult challenges we face when we work primarily in education is the fact that our guidance leads to a lot of excellent student work... In the end though, even if they were heavily supervised, the product of that work ultimately belongs to them.

Should you desire to see examples, I will happily direct you to some very well put together work done by students under my guidance, but I have not included any of it in this gallery as it is theirs whether I was there with them or not.

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