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The Americana Project

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Image from:  The 11 nations of North America, Colin Woodward

According to Colin Woodard's book American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures in North America, there are several distinct cultures at play in the modern United States.


These rival cultures are derived from a number of historic/sociological factors that have been at play since before this nation was even truly recognized as its own country. 

To me, the question then becomes: if there really are all of these rival cultures at play, can we ever actually come together as one?

The quest to answer that question is The Americana Project...

The original plan was, very broadly to simply travel around the country going to as many places as possible and talking as many people as possible,  but, in that simple broad form, the project stagnated and nothing got done. So, it has evolved...

While the main intent of the project remains the same, the idea is now to focus specifically on small towns.

The idea being small towns inherently have a strong sense of communal identity that will make finding what we share an easier task to accomplish.

To that end, with a focus on June of 2021, the planning process has begun.


Over the course of the next year routes will be planned, contacts will be made, and production will start rolling. 


You can check this website as well as YouTube and Twitter for updates on the project!

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