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Technical Director & Co-Scenic Designer: Post Playhouse | May 2012-August 2012


My last foray into the non-institutional work was as the Technical Director and Co-Scenic Designer at the Post Playhouse. Having served as the Managing director for the previous two seasons, stepping into my more preferred role was a welcome change of pace, even if working in a six-show rep season was a challenge.

In this role, I performed all of the duties that you might expect. Scenic construction and design were definitely my top priorities but I also worked as an electrician and sound engineer as well. 


Primary Responsibilities

  • Research and design scenery and property elements to fit within the scope of the director’s vision

  • Create/interpret design renderings and plan construction/fabrication/load-in of all scenic, property, lighting, and sound elements

  • Maintenance of the theatre facility including tools and equipment

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