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Heavily, though not entirely, based in Tutorials Drop Ins With "Dr" Awesome is an extension of my work with Communication Studies at Longwood University. It is an ongoing and everevolving series dedicated to facilitating learning and continuing student egagement. While you can find all of these videos on the Longwood University Communications Studies YouTube Page, I've also sorted them into few playlists for easy viewing here. This content is abslolutely not in the order which it was recorded, simply grouped by category.

Field Cameras:

While our broadcast studio facility is definitely the crown jewel of our program, most students actually start with our field cameras and associated gear.

Studio gear

In order to utalize the studio facility, students are tested to ensure that their capabilites meet a version

of opperational standards. While I do offer in person training outside of classtime, it does help for them to have access to the information even when I may not be available. 

Production Tutorials

Along with gear tutorials, I've also put together a number of other suplmentary videos to help our students get the most out of their time in COMM Studies.

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