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Technical Director: Timberlake Playhouse | May 2008-August 2008


Serving as the Technical Director for the Timberlake Playhouse was a cumulative experience three years in the making.

Having previously served as the Assistant Technical Director and Master Carpenter, getting to step into this leadership role at 21 years old was a phenomenal, if admittedly stressful, experience.

Being very close to Chicago, audience expectations were high. I will forever be proud of the work we did to ensure that those expectations were met.

As Technical Director, my role was to supervise our scene shop. 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create/interpret design renderings and plan construction/fabrication/load-in of all scenic elements

  • Manage crews of 5-20 workers during builds, load-ins, and strikes

  • Maintenance of the theatre facility including tools and equipment

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