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Technical Director & Co-Scenic Designer: Shawnee Summer Playhouse| May 2009-August 2009


The time I spent as Technical Director and C0-Scenic Designer for The Shawnee Summer Playhouse was great summer. Having previously spent three seasons at The Timberlake Playhouse in Illinois, I was very accustomed to an audience who had a level of expectation inherent to living close to Chicago. This expectation often led to very stressful builds in and runs. With that in mind, I did love my time at Timberlake but Shawnee gets credit for revitalizing my passion for production work.


We were definitely off the beaten path in Bloomfield Indiana and had no budget to speak of but we still managed to put together shows that told amazing stories. 

In this role, I was in charge of the scene shop. while I only designed half our season, I supervised the construction for all of it


Primary Responsibilities

  • Research and design scenery and property elements to fit within the scope of the director’s vision

  • Create/interpret design renderings and plan construction/fabrication/load-in of all scenic and property elements.

  • Maintenance of the theatre facility including tools and equipment

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