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Broadcast Studio Managing Engineer: Longwood University, COMM Studies | August 2016-Present

For the last five years, I have had the pleasure of serving as the Broadcast Studio Managing Engineer for Communication Studies at Longwood University. In this role,  I have been heavily involved not only in curriculum development but also in hands-on supervision and training for students in all aspects of video and audio production. Whether it’s supervising a studio shoot or developing a methodology for filming techniques, my fingerprints are on virtually every piece of content to come out of our department since 2016.


More pointedly looking at my course-related instruction, my normal duties often require that I run lectures and/or classes for Digital Editing, Media Production, Digital Storytelling, and COMMLab (our client-driven production vehicle). I have also been Co-Instructor for both Digital Editing and Media Production, taking over the classes full-time when it became neccesary to ensure that our standards for student engagement were being met

Along with supervision of the studio itself and my work in the classroom has also included the development of and ongoing YouTube series: Drop Ins with "Dr" Awesome.

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Supervise all studio production including videography, lighting, audio, and other elements as dictated by need

  • Design and implement training for students on all field gear including cameras, mics, and lighting

  • Design and implement supplemental training for production software including Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects

  • Assist in yearly review and revision of digital media curriculum

  • Assist in the instruction of digital media with hands-on lectures on camera and editing techniques. 

  • Manage COMM Server and manage digital archive

  • Serve as studio point of contact for interior and exterior clients

  • Studio maintenance

  • Field equipment maintenance 

  • Supervision of Digital Media Assistant work-study 

Special Assignments

  • Studio Coordinator for NCA video & PR  interns, Spring 2021 (Ongoing)

  • Design and pilot mobile video production course, Summer 2022 (Ongoing)

  • Studio lecturer/instructor COMM355:Media Production, Fall 2020

  • First-Year Experience Small-Group Coach, August 2018-May 2020

  • Co-Instructor COMM240: Digital Editing, Spring 2018  

  • Video Production Intern Supervisor, Fall18

  • Tenure-Track Digital Media Instructor hiring committee, Spring 2018

  • GFX Intern supervisor, Fall 2017

  • Production Archive Intern supervisor, Spring 2017

Connected Institutional Volunteer Work

  • Co-Organizer and Production Support: Longwood Media Showcase, 2020

  • Co-Organizer and Production Support: Longwood Media Showcase, 2019

  • Co-Organizer and Production Support: Longwood Media Showcase, 2018

  • Co-Advisor: Longwood Rotunda News Organization, Fall 2017- Present

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